Litigation and Trial Services

There are many in the legal profession who will tell you that a litigator is an attorney focused on settling a matter, while a trial attorney is one who constantly thinks of how to win in court. As each matter needs to be evaluated individually, your individual needs and ultimate goals must be as well.

The attorneys at McNary Powers, PLLC, have experience in negotiating settlements in many areas of the law, as well as taking a case to completion whether in front of a judge or a jury. Depending on the specific client’s needs and the facts of a case, McNary Powers, PLLC, will assist in devising a plan that is cost-effective and seeks to resolve a matter in your favor as efficiently as possible.

Additionally, it is important that one be cognizant of the subtleties of the various Florida Court Rules of Procedure. In Florida, there are separate court rules depending on whether you are in Civil, Criminal, Probate, Juvenile, Family or Small Claims. Having an attorney familiar with each set of rules is important when devising a strategy as to how to successfully resolve a matter.