Author: Sean Powers

Sean Powers

Injunctions in Florida: Understanding the Legal Process

Injunctions, also known as restraining orders, are legal orders that require someone to stop doing something or to refrain from doing something. In Florida, injunctions are commonly used in situations involving domestic violence, stalking, harassment, and repeat violence. If you are a victim of any of these types of behavior, you may be able to […]

Sean Powers

Law And Sarasota: Guardian Ad Litem

Attorney Sean Powers was recently a guest on Law and Sarasota. Judge Andrea McHugh and her guests discuss the Guardian Ad Litem program(s) in the 12th Judicial Circuit. Around the 8:00 mark, she speaks on the guardian ad litem process.  Watch this informative video here.

Sean Powers

School Suspension and Expulsion

What can be done? While it may not be explicitly known to you as parents and students, when children attend school, be it public or private, you and your child are often agreeing to abide by a specific code of conduct. There are times this code of conduct is physically provided, other times you are […]